News Item: IP-FILTER V1794 RELEASED and ed2k ip changed
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Posted by Andrey
Sunday 01 October 2017 - 11:45:37

Bogon list - 01.10.17
Fake servers list - 01.10.17
Level 1 list - 01.10.17
Amazon list - 01.10.17
196624 filters loaded

This version of ipfilter includes all Amazon ip-ranges. This is due to the fact that our ipfilter is also used by the utorrent users. And in the bittorent network, there are a lot of fake bittorent clients from the Amazon subnets that interrupt with downloading files. In addition, you can download the ip-ranges of Amazon in a separate file in ProtoWall format -

The IP-address of our ed2k server changed from to

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